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Dolly Parton Young: Singer jokes Botox is why she always looks happy; Pledges to ‘look as young as her plastic surgeons will allow’

  Published by BANG Showbiz   Dolly Parton joked Botox is the reason she always looks so happy. The ‘9 To 5’ hitmaker says she is “often told” she looks “so happy” but she puts that down to the cosmetic procedure rather than feeling 100 per cent in herself all the time. Sharing her secret […]

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Courtroom death drop, red light dance party & a pantless handstand

Because you can only watch Joshua Bassett casually thirsting over Harry Styles so many times, here are some gems from TikTok to keep you going: The defendant death dropped for an appeal. @bestofvogueME trying to WIN my appeal convincing miss TT that my content is purely “artistic purposes” #voguing #vogue #voguedance #ballroom #ballroomscene ♬ original […]