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Lizzo’s quick correction, guessing the LGBT sibling, & the gay guide to straight culture

Pride month is over, but LGBTQ+ TikTok is still going strong. Catch up with the latest below: Dominique Jackson and Nathan Pearson delivered the queerest moment in game show history. @securethegagQueerest moment in game show history #greenscreenvideo #BombPopAwards #AsSceneOnTubi #fyp #gameshow #pose ♬ original sound – Nathan Pearson Cooper Obianwu’s parents threw a Pride party. […]

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Ryse Wrestling cuts ties with announcers over on-air misgendering of talent

Stephanie “Commander” Sterling (right) heeling it up with MV Young (left) at Ryse Returns | Twitch Commentators Paul Atlas and Jim LaMotta will not participate in future Ryse Wrestling events after continually misgendering Stephanie “Commander” Sterling on-air Saturday. Pittsburgh-based pro wrestling promotion Ryse Wrestling severed ties with play-by-play commentators Paul Atlas and Jim LaMotta following […]

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Courtroom death drop, red light dance party & a pantless handstand

Because you can only watch Joshua Bassett casually thirsting over Harry Styles so many times, here are some gems from TikTok to keep you going: The defendant death dropped for an appeal. @bestofvogueME trying to WIN my appeal convincing miss TT that my content is purely “artistic purposes” #voguing #vogue #voguedance #ballroom #ballroomscene ♬ original […]

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Equality California on Caitlyn Jenner’s Run for Governor: ‘Hard Pass’

Equality California Caitlyn Jenner’s entrance into the California gubernatorial race amid efforts to recall current Governor Gavin Newsom on Friday certainly caught some eyes. If elected, Jenner would be the first woman ever elected to the state’s highest office and the first trans person elected Governor in any state. But the historic potential of her […]