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Lizzo’s quick correction, guessing the LGBT sibling, & the gay guide to straight culture

Pride month is over, but LGBTQ+ TikTok is still going strong. Catch up with the latest below: Dominique Jackson and Nathan Pearson delivered the queerest moment in game show history. @securethegagQueerest moment in game show history #greenscreenvideo #BombPopAwards #AsSceneOnTubi #fyp #gameshow #pose ♬ original sound – Nathan Pearson Cooper Obianwu’s parents threw a Pride party. […]

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Grandpa’s first drag brunch, AOC’s brand-shaming, & a rainbow flag history lesson

This week TikTok hosted a pretty epic Pride flag raising ceremony. In the spirit of the season, we picked out a few more hot Pride takes from the week: Mac the dog outed himself. @oak1eafsIt’s okay Mac, I’m gay too. #gay #pridemonth ♬ SZAS VERSE KISS ME MORE – SZA FANPAGE Grandpa loved drag brunch. […]

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The science behind homophobia, the gayest place on earth, & tea time with Anne Heche

What to do with your three day weekend? Snuggle up with the fabulousness of Halston, and get lost with the latest from Gay TikTok: Blues Clues got ready for Pride. @joshhelfgottOMG Follow for Gay News #lgbt #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner ♬ Bird (Instrumental) – BLVKSHP Rylee Locker got her life. @bestofvogueTALK ABOUT HAIR CONTROL @ryleeprodigy @ The […]

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Rugby bros getting handsy, the first trans Mario character, & a level 10 gay pole dancer

Trixie Mattel is set to conquer TV with a brand new series. Is TikTok next? Catch up on the latest from Gay TikTok with a fresh sampling from this week: Lil Nas X inspired a new trend. @logan_grubbs_Call me when you need @alex_tillett #callmewhenyouwant #gay #couple #trend ♬ original sound – K E I Jonas […]

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Courtroom death drop, red light dance party & a pantless handstand

Because you can only watch Joshua Bassett casually thirsting over Harry Styles so many times, here are some gems from TikTok to keep you going: The defendant death dropped for an appeal. @bestofvogueME trying to WIN my appeal convincing miss TT that my content is purely “artistic purposes” #voguing #vogue #voguedance #ballroom #ballroomscene ♬ original […]

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Stranger Things 4; Lil Nas X; Rainbow Capitalism; Apex Legends; Will Smith’s Dad Bod; Arm Wrestling; Edith Surreal; Adele; EFFY: HOT LINKS

Lil Nas X: It ‘Feels Good to Prove People Wrong Cosmopolitan UK/Creative Commons The cover star of Entertainment Weekly‘s Pride issue delves into the personal story of his latest smash hit Montero (Call Me By your Name) and normalizing gay identities within hip hop. Here’s a Tense Taste of Stranger Things 4 JustJared breaks down […]

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Gay men recently diagnosed with HIV speak out about the stigma they face

Dizz of rIVerse (Photo: Supplied) In countries such as the US and UK, HIV transmission rates have fallen greatly in recent years. Some governments are now aiming to end HIV transmission by 2030, thanks to advances in treatment and medication like PrEP. However, this good news can sometimes belie the fact men continue to acquire […]

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The finest UPS package, Chris Crocker’s latest discovery, & the most impressive golf swing

When Netflix can’t offer you anything new or interesting, turn to TikTok, where there’s always something fun and fresh to see. Here are a few top picks from the week to start your binge: Tom Broders went viral for his swing. @bubbiegolfSwing is feelin good #golf #fyp #foryou ♬ talking to the moon x play […]