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Elton, Dua, Usher, GLAAD Try to Set Da Baby Straight; Rapper Claims Hateful Comments are Living his ‘Truth’ Just as Queers Come Out to Live Theirs.

Da Baby Rapper Da Baby dug even deeper in the depths of the homophobic/AIDS phobic hole on Wednesday when he released the video for his new single “Giving What It’s Supposed To Give.” In the video, which Da Baby appears to directly address the derogatory comments he made during his Rolling Loud performance on Sunday […]

Coming out Gay drama LGBTQ entertainment LGBTQ News

Rapper Dababy Delivers Homophobic, Anti-AIDS Interlude at Rolling Loud, Doubles Down on Comments; T.I. Comes to His Defense

Dababy Rapper Dababy has come under fire in recent days for homophobic and HIV/AIDS-negative comments he made onstage at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami over the weekend and doesn’t appear to be backing down. During his performance at the famed hip hop festival, Dababy said the offending comments between songs in what he called […]

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Lizzo’s quick correction, guessing the LGBT sibling, & the gay guide to straight culture

Pride month is over, but LGBTQ+ TikTok is still going strong. Catch up with the latest below: Dominique Jackson and Nathan Pearson delivered the queerest moment in game show history. @securethegagQueerest moment in game show history #greenscreenvideo #BombPopAwards #AsSceneOnTubi #fyp #gameshow #pose ♬ original sound – Nathan Pearson Cooper Obianwu’s parents threw a Pride party. […]