Is Tyler Posey Queer? Can He Sing? ‘Teen Wolf’ Star Says, ‘I’ve been with everybody;’ Just Out, Tyler Posey Song ‘Happy’: LISTEN Now

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tyler posey

tyler posey
Tyler Posey Queer: says he now self defines as queer and sexually fluid

Actor/musician Tyler Posey hasn’t been shy about embracing himself since his “Teen Wolf” days, Last week he signaled a subtle shift discussing his current relationship and declaring he sees himself as queer and sexual fluid.

In an interview with NME, Posey outlined his sexual identity after answering questions about how he identifies during a Q&A on his OnlyFans page. “Someone asked if I’d been with men [as well as women], and I said yes,” Posey said. “I’ve been with everybody under the sun.”

Posey credits his partner, fellow musician Phem, with helping him during his journey of self-discovery. “Right now I’m in the best relationship that I’ve ever been in with a woman, and she is queer too,” Posey said. “She’s helped me realize that I fit under the queer umbrella and that I’m sexually fluid.”

The Tyler Posey Queer Evolution Redefines Hard OnlyFans Issues As Public Service

Best known for his six-year stint at the head of the fondly remembered MTV drama “Teen Wolf,” Posey has continued acting while placing a heavy focus on his music career, using his pop-punk roots to explore his struggle with drugs and overcoming that dependency.

His entry onto OnlyFans also drew some eyeballs. Though Posey’s OnlyFans content doesn’t fit the explicit expectations the site’s name conjures, he sees it as a philanthropic look into his life. Posey donates any money earned through OnlyFans to organizations combatting mental health issues and cyberbullying, issues with which Posey is all too familiar.

The original Q&A that sparked the conversation around his sexuality also elicited accusations of “gay-baiting” on the part of Posey. “I’m pretty sure it’s only one guy,” Posey told NME. “I’m sober now and I’ve been working a lot on my mental health, so I’m in a place where I can somewhat laugh at that kind of thing … but I know that other people who deal with this kind of shit may not be as strong mentally.”

“[I] believe I can make some kind of positive difference in the world, and I’m willing to sacrifice the time and energy to do it.”

Is Tyler Posey Queer? Is Tyler Posey’s Band Good? Sure. Sure is.

Happy, by Tyler Posey

Wipe that look off your face
Just get out of my way
I’m not about it today, I wish you’d go away
They all said I was sick
Well, take my temperature, bitch
You’re just wasting your time, I’m doing fine
Everyone wants to die sometimes
Why’s it so hard to stay alive?
If I tell you I’m happy
Will that make you go away?
I’ll tell you I’m happy
Isn’t that what I’m supposed to say?
Because words don’t mean shit
When I’m biting my lips
So I swallow and they go away
I’ll tell you I’m happy
Isn’t that what I’m supposed to say?
Yeah, I know how to act
Just give me a name
I’ve been playing these roles you won’t want me to play
Yeah, I know how to nod
Nodding, I’m half awake
With my eyes rolling back, can’t you tеll I’m okay?
And I’ll keep smiling but inside I’m still dying…

Tyler Posey wants to revisit #TeenWolf: “The fans are non-stop online asking, ‘Where is season seven?’, and I’m right there with them. I would love to do one last hurrah. That show ran a whole gamut: it was horror, it was supernatural, it was comedy, it was a funny buddy show.”— Film Updates (@FilmUpdates) July 2, 2021

Is Tyler Posey bringing back pop punk cause this shit is catchy


In an interview with NME, #TeenWolf star Tyler Posey states that he will release his debut EP soon, as he wants to focus on both, music and acting.

He also reveals that he is sexually fluid, and would love to do a seventh season of Teen Wolf!

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Tyler Posey Queer: Previously on Towleroad

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