Free Britney. Strange Bedfellows: Cher, Gaetz + Jordan, Megan McCain, the Justice Reporter From ‘The Nation’, Andy Cohen, Rose McGowan, and Amnesty F’in International

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free Britney

That’s not it.. Joyce Vance, Diane Warren, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jesse Tyler Ferguson Would like us to #FreeBritney, as does Courtney Love. Rose McGowan is ‘brutally angry’, Others ‘with you…hear you’, ‘ready to raise hell’; Keke Palmer says All of them need to go to jail!!!!!’

free britney
Free Britney ; 2004 Madame Tusoauds in London By John Bäckstrand CC-by

… and we’re off…. with Elie Mystal, Justice reporter for The Nation. It is: Elie, Joyce, Reece, Paris, Mariah, Cher and Amnesty Australia. But, that’s only Part 1.

Click to Page 2 for Gaetz, Jordan, mixed with some Megan McCain… and reactions to their responses,

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