Wales elects the world’s first openly non-binary city mayor

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Owen J. Hurcum has just been elected the youngest mayor in Welsh history and the first openly non-binary mayor of any city in the world.

The 23-year-old, who identifies as genderqueer, agender and non-binary, was unanimously voted in by The City of Bangor Council following this year’s elections.

Hurcum previously held the position as deputy mayor and worked as a councillor for four years.

Following the news, the Bangor university graduate tweeted: “When I came out two years ago I was so worried I’d be ostracized by my community or worse. Today my community elected me mayor of our great city.

“The youngest ever mayor in Wales. The first ever openly non-binary mayor of any city anywhere. Beyond humbled, Diolch Bangor.”

Hurcum later explained how they will use their new position to enact change.

“I’ll be wanting to use my term to promote Bangor as much as I can, bring in investment and interest and celebrate the multi cultural community that makes out city the greatness that it is,” they wrote.

The post went viral on Twitter, amassing over 40 thousands likes and counting, with users from all corners of the world congratulating Hurcum on their “historic and trailblazing” appointment.

After thanking their followers for their support, Hurcum said they’re determined to fight for better representation of non-binary people.

I know representation is not just putting on the chain and I’ll be judged by what we do as a team for Bangor during my year in office,” they said. “But still, I’m glad my election has resonated with so many.”

There were a few Twitter users who contested Hurcum’s claim of being the world’s first non-binary city major, suggesting Georgina Beyer, who was elected mayor of Carterton in New Zealand in 1995, was actually the first.

However, many pointed out that Beyer is transgender and defines as female.

In response, Hurcum wrote: “I believe she was the first openly transgender mayor anywhere, and not non-binary, that was what I got when I first looked her up but I’m obviously happy to be corrected if my research was incorrect.”

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