Drag Race’s Michelle Visage gets candid about her sexuality in new interview

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Michelle Visage has opened up about her sexuality in a brand new interview.

Sitting down with the Sydney Morning Herald, the Drag Race veteran got candid about her sexual identity and where she falls under the spectrum.

When asked if she considered her self part of the queer community, the icon, stated: “I never looked at it that way. I always felt that it would be rude to bisexuals [to claim queer status], because I’ve never had a relationship with a woman.”

She continued: “Sexual relationships, but never relationships. If you want to look at it in a broader picture, probably. But gender never really mattered to me. It was just, ‘I think you’re hot.’ Simple as that.”

Queen Visage also talked about the current queer scene, and how the new “politically correct” attitude is helping the community and damaging it.

“It’s helping in that we’re talking about things that maybe weren’t seen as problematic and offensive before. The bad part is the “you can’t sit with us” shaming mentality,” she said.

“When I first got involved in the community, they didn’t care that I was a cisgender, white, middle-class girl from Jersey. It was always love.

“That’s what we need to get back to, where everybody’s welcome. The “you can’t sit with us” mentality is very damaging to a queer person who doesn’t get love at home and has no acceptance.”

We stan a supportive and inclusive queen.

Miss Visage has been quite the busy bee over the last few months. From filming the forthcoming season of Drag Race Down Under to dropping new music with Steps, the gay icon has been giving the girls content.

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