Ryan Murphy announces recount for upcoming American Horror Story theme

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It’s the battle of the themes. 

While we wait for American Horror Story season 10 to hit our screens, Ryan Murphy has tapped in the fans to vote on the theme for a future iteration.

The voting included six distinct themes, which fans were able to vote on in the comments across his various social media platforms. 

ALIENS, Christmas Horror, Bloody Mary, Piggy Man, Sirens and Plague were listed as the categories. 

The vote initially dwindled down to Bloody Mary and Plague, but fans swiftly demanded a recount. 

After taking the fans opinions into account, the AHS creator tweeted, “Because you demanded it – The Recount!” and featured the Bloody Mary theme and Sirens theme. 

The vote between Bloody Mary and Sirens has taken over the fandom and has even caught the attention of AHS veteran, Sarah Paulson. 

Taking to Murphy’s Instagram comments, Paulson wrote “This is hard” and followed up with another comment, stating: “I think I vote Sirens. Ok bye.” 

The AHS creator responded to her vote and gave fans a sneak peek at what to expect from a Sirens based season. 

“Lady, you do realize that because you voted for SIRENS there is a HUGE chance you could spend half of 2022 in a water tank wearing a flowing fold wig bloodily feasting on North Carolina pirates…right?” Murphy wrote. 


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