Drag Race UK star Tayce has perfect response to body shaming troll

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Who? Tayce? Allowing body shaming on her social media? Like this? In front of all these people? Absolutely not.

Tayce has clapped back at a body shaming troll in the best possible way.

The Drag Race UK star stunned fans over the weekend with behind-the-scenes images from a photoshoot, in which she can be seen in undergarments and heels whilst holding onto her [in Bimini’s Katie Price voice] nipples.

While the photos received praise from a majority of social media users, attracting nearly 13,000 likes, there was one troll – we repeat, troll- who felt the need to tell Tayce that she’s “too thin”.

Tayce, however, wasn’t going to let that slide. The star rightfully told the troll that they “don’t have to like it” because it’s her body.

“I’ve never been able rn gain weight. My metabolism is through the roof. Deal with it. We all have our struggles and insecurities, I always hated how slender I was growing up, being called “stick insect” or “Gollum”,” she wrote.

Tayce said she wants to use her platform to “inspire others who feel and have similar looks” to her, and feel “underrepresented” and “not worthy of love or attention” when compared to the “muscle Mary’s” of the world.

“And to those who don’t like it or think I’m “too skinny”? Well this is me and always has been, and I don’t plan on changing anytime soon so DEAL WITH IT,” she added, before assuring her followers that the comments haven’t affected her.

“Dw bout me btw, comments and opinions really don’t phase me that much (TO AN EXTENT) I can take it. Tough tough cookie over here,” she said.

“HOWEVER some are more sensitive so just remember what ya words can do to people. DO BETTER U HOUND.”

Tayce’s clap backs received praise from her followers, as well as fellow Drag Race UK alum such as Baga Chipz, Cheryl Hole and Lawrence Chaney.

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