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To our awesome readers,

Mystiq — the primary sponsor of The Sex-Positive Blog — recently acquired the Katz Boutique brand, including the website, a longtime provider of pleasure products and sexual health and wellness solutions via e-commerce. Due to a combination of our culture’s sex negativity and Amazon’s bizarre warehousing policies, it’s important to have safe, effective alternatives, and — despite whatever else Katz Boutique might have been doing, has been a trustworthy and reliable asset for many people all across the country the past 15 years.

Shop Adult Sex Toys Online at

We’re pleased to announce that is (after a brief, week-long outage to make major repairs/overhauls to the infrastructure and hosting, etc.) back open for business! We’re still making tweaks to navigational components and categories/featured pages, but we’re also re-thinking the way the site is designed. Call it an e-commerce experiment. We’d love for you to visit, give some thought to how inclusive it is (or isn’t) and why, and what kind of changes we could make to reflect your identity, experience, needs, desires or person.

Also, though the site is a little rough and changes are being made daily, it is functional! So those of you who are regular customers with your bookmarks and such can return to pretty much normal use, and everybody else, feel free to explore and respond to this Letter or to the linked ‘e-commerce experiment’ article if you have thoughts and ideas about how to improve the user experience for anyone and everyone!

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