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Vibrating fun (it’s not just for women)

This might be a little bit of a TMI, but during that time of the month, the mess is pretty off putting to me, so I try to have fun alternatives to vaginal penetrative sex with a partner.

I recently acquired a wonderful vibrator — fully waterproof, charges via USB cable, 20 different vibration speeds and patterns, available on, only $20, and comes in black, pink, or purple. Available here. And it serves me (a squirter) well in the shower, especially during my period. So it’s really, actually waterproof. I’ve been quite impressed with it.

My boyfriend and I have also been on new kick, having long edging/mutual masturbation sessions sometimes. It’s fun to tease each other and see how the other likes to please themselves, plus I like watching him and telling him what to do some of the time. My dirty talk is always better when I’m feeling in charge!

Vibrators have come into play during these session because he loves the way vibrators feel against his penis or his prostate. Over-stimulation can make him extremely sensitive though, so watch out that you don’t end up making your partner too sensitive or even ticklish if you give it a try.

I have a lovely vibrator that is part dildo, part anal beads, part vibrator, and all the best fun. Edging him with a it can be a devilishly fun game. While I’m not a huge fan of the vibrating when it comes to anal, my boyfriend thinks it feels amazing, especially when it hits the right spot on him. So maybe give it a shot men if you’re a guy!

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